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Services You can Count on

Multi-level quality checks are undertaken as part of our medical billing solutions to eliminate errors. It ensures high-quality services and prevents denials.

Keeping Data Secure

We follow stringent data security measures to safeguard healthcare data. As we work in a HIPAA-compliant facility, all patient and clinic information is protected.

A Well-trained Billing Team

With our technologically-agnostic medical billing services, we ensure that our team receives ongoing training in order to improve their billing skills.

Getting Things Done Quickly

With our fast response time, you can count on accuracy and communication without disrupting your budget or compromising your billing accuracy.

A Simple Approach to Scaling

As part of our commitment to maintaining scalability, we are able to provide seamless scalability to our clients to handle sudden spikes and drops in billing volume.

Competitive Pricing

The pricing options we offer can be adjusted to meet the budgets and needs of our clients, which eventually reduces the operational costs of our clients.

Your Medical Billing & A/R Management Partner

Medical billing best practices are essential to the revenue cycle of your healthcare facility. As a medical billing and accounts receivable management company, Alumni Vitae Medical offers a complete suite of medical billing solutions to healthcare providers such as hospitals, physician offices, independent practices, and independent practice association members. A/R management for medical billing reduces errors, increases profits, and speeds up collections.

By using our full-service Revenue Cycle Management solutions, you can focus on providing excellent patient care, which is the most important thing to your facility. We optimize all aspects of revenue cycle management, such as providing enrollment and credentialing, verifying insurance, posting payments, managing accounts receivables, and managing denials.

Revenue Cycle Management

Including Practice Management System-Clinical Documentation with Electronic Health Record, Revenue Cycle Management, and supporting IT, we offer comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solutions.

Intelligent EHR & Practice Management

E-health records enabled by the web can save physicians time and increase efficiency. Our EHRs and practice management software powered by AI can improve patient experience and workflow.

Medical Coding Services

The ability to accurately code medical diagnoses, procedures, services, and equipment prescribed and convert them into accurate alphanumeric codes is necessary so that medical billing can be submitted quickly.

Claims Submission

Billing specialists perform multiple quality checks on paper and electronic claims before processing and submitting them. Changes are made based on the rejection reports provided by the clearinghouse.

Account Receivables Follow-up

A number of factors are taken into account when evaluating claims, including their filing limit and age. Upon receipt of a claim, we follow up with the claimant via phone, email, and/or online periodically.

Denial Management

Processing secondary paper claims requires gathering the necessary information. The experienced billing specialists at our company provide denials management, analyzing denials and partial payments for medical claims.

Why Alumni Vitae for Medical Billing?

The benefits of outsourcing medical billing services can go beyond simply improved collection and cost savings when you outsource medical billing services to a reliable company like ours. Assisting clients to reduce costs significantly, we provide them with highly flexible pricing options.

Increase Reimbursements by Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

The billing process is time-consuming and demanding, with frequent breakdowns. It's hard to keep up with the constantly changing updates on medical billing procedures with the right number of skilled staff. You can overcome these challenges by outsourcing medical billing services to us, which promises:


  • A digital platform that enables collaboration between clinical teams, front-office personnel, and offshore billing staff
  • Customizable and dynamic workflow for adjusting to changes in regulations
  • Reduced rejections and denials through streamlined billing workflows

Let us take care of your medical billing needs so you can focus on delivering quality patient care.

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