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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

In the case of customers purchasing graphic design services from Alumni Vitae Medical LLC, the company provides a legitimate refund.


General Refund Norms

Our refund policy is transparent and honest, but there may be instances when disputes arise as a consequence of processing refunds to our clients. In order to mitigate or avoid conflicts related to refund payments, we have framed a refund policy that applies to all clients uniformly.

The following Refund Policy norms shall apply to all who seek refunds from Alumni Vitae Medical LLC:


  1. We offer a 100% refund to all, provided a refund claim is submitted within 30 days of signing the service agreement;
  2. There will be no 100% refund of service fees for refund requests raised after 30 days of a service purchase. However, a partial refund may be granted after calculating the received amount;
  3. For us to be able to process a refund request promptly, we need the appropriate details, e.g., service agreement number, invoice, or receipt of payment of the service fee, along with your current and active contact information for communication.


Refund Process

Once we have verified the service agreement and payment for the service(s) purchase, we will process the refund request, and the refund amount will be determined at our discretion.


  1. The card number/bank account/transaction platform used to pay our service fee shall be used to credit the refund amount.
  2. The refund payment process, i.e., from verifying the service agreement details to crediting the refund amount to your account, may take as long as a week or a month.


Change in the Refund Policy

At Alumni Vitae Medical LLC, we periodically reassess our refund policy to find flaws in the existing procedures. We do so regularly in order to keep the process flexible and easy-going.

We also reserve the right to modify or change the current refund policy norms at any time, and our clients and users can find the updated policies herein if such changes occur.